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Exams Guidance


The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) have announced a contingency day for the summer exam series 2022.  The date that has been set aside as the 'contingency day' is Wednesday 24th June 2022.  The contingency day for ALL external examinations has been put in place 'in the event of widespread, sustained, national or local disruption to examination during the June 2022 series'.  Therefore, in the event of major disruption, JCQ and/or the relevant Awarding Bodies may decide to postpone an exam to another date in the June 2022 exam series.  This means that any students sitting external examinations in June 2022 MUST be available until Wednesday 29th June 2022.

Exams begin as follows:


            MORNING:                             8.30 a.m.  (Candidates to be at School by 08.15 hr.)

            AFTERNOON:                       1.30 p.m.  (Candidates to be at School by 13.15 hr.)

            DON’T MAKE A MISTAKE!


All Candidates wait on the terrace if the weather is dry, in the cloisters in wet weather.

If you have a problem or are ill or think that you might be late for an examination, telephone the School immediately.  Telephone 0118 901 5600.


When entering the examination room make sure you have all the necessary equipment you need including, when necessary, a calculator. Water bottles (no label) are allowed to be taken into the exam.  Watches should be left at home due to insufficient secure storage facilities. There are regulations regarding the use of calculators, about which your teachers will tell you. You MUST abide by these rules. All equipment must be taken into the examination room in a clear plastic container. You will not be permitted to borrow anything from another candidate once you are inside the examination room. When you are released at the end of the examination do not take any stationery, even scrap paper, with you.


Remember that in cases of cheating, the examination boards reserve the right to annul all of a candidate’s papers. NOTE you must not, under any circumstances, have a mobile telephone, iPod, MP3 player or any other means of electronic communication in your possession in the examination room.


All school rules apply as normal. In particular please be aware that the Reading School Uniform Policy will be rigorously applied during the examination period. Any candidate not conforming to these rules will not be permitted to enter the examination room and will be sent to the Headmaster. 




Mrs E Turner

Exams Officer